A Balanced Approach To A Good General Lifestyle

We all want to live a good general lifestyle; and that is good, normal, healthy and right. We are to take care of ourselves and our families. We really should save some of our hard earned money, spend some of our hard earned money and share with others some of our hard earned money.

When we save some of money that we have worked hard for, then we will have it to set aside for a rainy day. That is a saying to express the fact that we will have it for when something comes up that we need or even want. Unexpected things happen all the time. For example, a woman had already done her purchases for the week, including buying fruit and other things. But then because of health problems, she ended up needing stuff at the pharmacy that she was not counting on.

She was not well off. She was struggling to get by. She had to borrow the money to pay for her stuff. She would be able to pay the woman, her mother, that she borrowed the money from a week later when she got her pay; and her mother was fine with that. Then she had more health problems unexpectedly and needed to go to the pharmacy again. She was thankful she had a good sister to help her out to see her through. And she would also pay her sister the following week.

But there is sense to this true story. The woman who is struggling wants to live a good general lifestyle like others. She is in debt and is trying to get out of debt and hopes to be free of debt as soon as she can, which is a very good goal for all people–to be out of debt as soon as possible.

Now, at the beginning of this article, it was said that we should all spend some money on ourselves. Yes, we all have bills and they must get paid. So, yes, we have to spend money. But we also have to treat ourselves sometimes, which falls under the category of spending money.Those things don’t have to be expensive and extravagant, but going through the drive thru for a coffee and a donut or out for lunch with friends sometimes is fine. It gives you a sense of joy and refreshment.

But this woman seemed to have people constantly bombarding her with their needs, demands and wants.. And she reached down deep into her small bit of money to give generously; but she hurt herself doing so, because she did not have money set aside for her needs. And earlier that year she had given too much to someone who was demanding this and that.

She recently told someone that she did not have the money that he was asking for; yet he said that he was worthy. It does not matter how much someone proclaims their own worthiness, if you do not have the money do not give to someone. Do not give so much that you leave yourself bone dry; because be sure that those who are always demanding from you, are not going to be there to help you out when you have needs of your own.

Yes, you do have the right to live a good, general lifestyle with your bills paid and your needs met, along with some money set aside for the future. No one has the right to be always digging in your pockets. No, we are not to be greedy and hoarding misers where we never share; but when there are times that we are going through rough financial times, we do not have to give to beggars who could work to support themselves.

Ask Not What Your Body Can Do For You…

In John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural address of 1960, those words the world will never forget were spoken: “…ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This is the same question we have to ask ourselves, and how we treat our bodies.

Lifestyles vary, but across the world most every person you meet just wants to live a good life.

A way in which a person or group lives, and their tastes, economic level, moral standards and habits all come together to form a composite of a lifestyle. We ask so much from our bodies, from carrying us around, to tolerating ridiculously high levels of stress, those 2 factors will merge and can easily sideline anyone.

There is no need to preach, or tell everyone what your plan is, or to track your progress on the internet at large, and terrorizing yourself with numbers on the scale, but quietly making a commitment to care for your body, so it will do all the things you ask of it, is one important step to creating an excellent lifestyle for yourself.


Before cars and the trappings of modern life our ancestors were far more active. All they knew was they were bipedal beings, and that would have to suffice! To this point, the growing epidemic related to the collective size of the people in the world increasing is of some concern to those who are watching this trend. As people, we continue to evolve, and if it weren’t for obvious factors, perhaps our larger sizes would be attributed to a byproduct of that evolution.

That being said, we know that this is not the case, and that the size of homo sapiens is increasing. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life, but you have to always remember the body you have right now is the only one you will ever have.Taking care of it, so people can enjoy all the rich food that surrounds us, is a way to help your body keep up with your interests.


Part of taking care of ourselves also involves relaxing. One of the hardest things for most of us to learn is the art of meditation. Most people never master meditation either, but the process you go through in practicing meditation is wildly beneficial.

Once the mind is quieted, if only for 5 minutes a day, it gives you a break, a chance to think about nothing for a few minutes. Just 5 minutes of attempting to meditate, and 10 minutes of gentle yoga stretching, will give your body a little break from the rigors it is put through on a daily basis.


Finally, our lymphatic system has the dubious job of being required to filter wastes and drain our body fluids. Although this fluid is on the move, nothing benefits your lymph fluid more than two minutes of daily rebounding. Just 2 minutes on a personal mini trampoline will flush your lymphatic system.

Of course, just an hour later it would be time to do 2 minutes again, but small steps in the right direction is what this is all about!